Our Service Standards

Compliance to Quality Standards

All of our processes - from the purchasing of the materials, to the preparation of the food and the service - are in accordance with international quality and safety standards.

Healthy & Delicious Foods

Aziziye Restaurant employs well-trained people in its kitchen and service teams. Our chefs are experts in the in the Mediterranean cuisine and international cuisines, so that we serve our dishes in the most healthy and tasty way.

Unconditional and Continuous Customer Satisfaction

"Unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction" is our motto. We select the best team and train our employees continuously to improve our quality and maintain our leadership.

Fine Details of Quality

All service components - from table design to seating availability, from security systems to hygienic environment and the valet parking service - are organized to maximize the comfort and satisfaction of our guests. We do not sacrifice excellence even in the tiniest details.